About Us


At  Goin Western we strive to bring you products you will love.  We are looking for high-end, unique western products.  We also love to find the hand-made products that people put their passion into.  Some of the things you might find at Goin Western are, Western Fashion, Jewelry, Western ArtFurniture, Events, Boutiques, Vineyards, Cattle Ranches, Riding Vacations, Decor, Musical Talent, Show Clothes, Tack, Horses, Lodges, Spas, Ski Information, Western Cuisine, Rafting/Hiking, and Canoeing.

So, we hope we can help you find the western products you are looking for, for you western lifestyle.

We also love to get your input so feel free to email us.  Just check out our Contact page.  You can also visit us on Facebook  Goin’ Western.

Your Neighbors at Goin’ Western,

Chris, Tina, Dylan and Crystal Lambing

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